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Why Nelson Mandela Remains the Quintessential Sellout: A Response to Ncedisa Mpemnyama

By: Mandisi Gladile “And until the American Negros lets the white man know that we are really ready and willing to pay the price that is necessary for freedom our people will always be walking around here like second-class citizens or what you call 20th century slaves. The price of freedom is death”- Malcolm X […]

OPINION: Sindane’s response is not a response

By: Ncedisa Mpemnyama  Sindane’s response is not a response Mbe Mbhele pens a piece to invite an engagement between the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Black First Land First (BLF). Beautiful one to be precise. In it he implores the EFF to move beyond vile insults which it has made into an ideology rather than […]

OPINION: Why have the Fallists Fallen off? A response to Ncedisa Mpemnyama

By: Lindokuhle Patiwe On Friday 13 April, there was some media traffic amongst some “Fallists” in congratulating comrade Ncedisa Mpemnyama on his recent article The Fallists have Fallen off. It is hard to grasp properly what is it that comrade Ncedisa offers as the main argument in his article. The last two paragraphs of the […]

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