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OPINION: Umqombothi nempepho: A fitting ambience that bolstered the UCT land debate

Nkosikhulule Xhawulengweni Nyembezi It was intuitive for the organisers and partakers in the debate held at UCT on Friday, 09 March, on the meaning of the ANC’s recent conference resolution to expropriate land without compensation, to include the burning of impepho incense, the drinking of umqombothi, and the eating of meat as part of the activities. What […]

OPINION: Reflections on Minister Mkhize’s UCT visit

Nkosikhulule Xhawulengweni Nyembezi When Minister Hlengiwe Mkhize came to UCT on February 22 to talk about the implementation of the recently announced government policy on free education, we in the audience were ready for a dialogue. Alas, there was none! Not between her and students, and not even between her and Nomi Kondlo, advertised as […]

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