Hello beautiful people, ke Motswana wa Botswana. Mosetsanyana is ‘little girl’. Girl is just Mosetsana (without the -nyana) as nyana is a belittling word suggesting a small/young girl e.g. if someone made you angry you would say, “Bona mothonyana”. Motho = person but by adding -nyana you are belittling him. 🙂 The way you pronounce ‘raga’ though

The angry girl kicks the ball hard = Mosetsana o tinegileng o raga bolo thata. (maybe it’s the difference between SA Setswana and Bots Setswana but first time I hear ‘galifileng’. Word for ‘angry’ is ‘tinega’ but I guess since in SA Setswana could be mixed with Sepedi and Sesotho maybe that’s the reason for the difference).